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Dig into quality with San Diego’s best excavation crew. From making space for your dream project to laying the perfect foundation, we’ve got you covered. Ready to roll? So are we!

Excavation in San Diego?
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Got big plans in San Diego? Need someone to make space for your new home or commercial spot? That’s us! At Precision Excavation and Demolition, we’re the folks who take the first, most important scoop for your project.


Got a site that needs digging and shaping? We expertly excavate it for you, ensuring the area is perfectly prepped and ready for whatever you're planning to build.


Need to lay down pipes or cables? We dig just the right paths for them, keeping everything safe and sound.

Site Preparation

We don’t just clear; we level! Need a flat surface to start your construction? Consider it done. We’ll make sure it’s perfect and up to code.

Backfill and Compaction

Don’t let shaky ground worry you. We press that soil down tight to make sure whatever you’re building sits on solid ground.

Foundation Excavation

The secret to a sturdy building is starting with the right hole. We dig out just the space you need for your foundation, ensuring it fits your plans like a glove.

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Give us a call to schedule a free onsite estimate and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote specific to your trenching, excavation or demolition project.

Expert Site Work and Site Preparation

Starting a major construction project in San Diego requires an experienced team to handle your comprehensive sitework needs. At Precision Excavation and Demolition, we specialize in preparing your site from the ground up, ensuring that all infrastructure, utilities, and groundwork are seamlessly integrated. Our comprehensive sitework services provide the perfect foundation for the success of your future structures.

  • Underground Utilities and Pipelines
  • Structural Footings
  • Retaining Wall Footings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Slope Cuts
  • Foundations Footings
  • Landscaping & Hardscape Removal
  • Rock Breaking and Removal
  • Concrete Removal
  • Septic and Leach Fields
  • Landscape Irrigation Trenches
  • Drainage Repairs: Swales/Erosion Control
  • Recycled Asphalt Grindings
    Delivered and Spread
  • Aggregate and Landscape Materials Delivered and Spread

Custom Residential Excavation

In the residential construction space, our custom residential excavation services are second to none. We understand that every home build is unique, and our team offers tailored solutions, whether for a new custom home, a new addition to an existing home, or swimming pool excavation. We use specialized techniques to minimize disruptions and preserve the aesthetic value of your residential space.

Underground Utility Trenching

Precision is key when it comes to underground utility trenching. Our seasoned team in San Diego uses advanced technology to avoid existing utility lines and ensures that your project complies with local underground utility standards. From water lines to electrical systems, we manage complex networks with accuracy and efficiency.

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Comprehensive Construction Clean Up

Post-construction, you may face the challenge of unwanted materials cluttering the site. Our construction clean up services in San Diego handle everything from loading and hauling excess dirt spoils, to export trucking and recycling of concrete, asphalt and green waste, ensuring your site is safe and ready for the next phase of development or landscaping.