Veriforce Backfill and Compaction

Effective January 1. 2017, the State of California placed qualification requirements on individuals and contractors performing the covered tasks of backfill and compaction of trenches containing natural gas pipelines. Veriforce serves public energy, utilities companies and contractors as the only single-source provider of OQ, drug and alcohol, and safety compliance solutions.

We are Veriforce qualified to perform backfill and compaction of trenches containing natural gas pipelines for So Cal Gas and SDG&E. Our Field Verification Reports (FVR’S) are printed within 30 days of every trench inspection, assuring the Veriforce qualified individual working on the pipeline project is in possession of a current FVR and always remains qualified to perform the covered task(s) of backfill and compaction.

We can perform the covered task(s) from trenching, bedding and shading to backfill and compaction. Or, we can monitor your crew while they perform the covered task(s). Our Veriforce qualified personnel will work together with your crew and the public utility inspector to assure that all work is performed to the specifications required by each public utility company.